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EU Discussion Event Part of May Festival 2016

MAY_FESTIVAL_LOGO__DATEOn Saturday 28th May, as part of this year’s May Festival, there will be a discussion event on the EU Referendum, titled Britain and the EU: In, Out or Unsure? It takes place in the King’s Conference Centre at 2pm. The speakers will be Professor Michael Keating, Dr Malcolm Harvey and Professor Claire Wallace all from the University of Aberdeen and Professor Justin Greenwood from Robert Gordon University.

Here’s what to expect:

Whether you have decided one way or the other, or are just looking for more information, this event will offer impartial analysis of the key issues and the potential impact on economy, jobs, immigration and national security. We’ll also explore issues around national sovereignty and the impact on the North-East of Scotland and what either outcome might mean for our future.*

*From the May Festival programme.

So If you missed the similar UK in a Changing Europe discussion in March, fear not, you can catch up next month. For more details and to book your place, click here.

View the full May Festival 2016 programme here.