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Yeah but, no but: why the High Court was right and wrong in the Brexit case

Article by the Law School’s Dr. Justin Borg-Barthet on the recent ‘Brexit Case’


This blog post is by Dr. Justin Borg-Barthet.

The High Court decision in Miller (the ‘Brexit case’) was essentially a public law case.  The judgment (PDF) addresses the question of whether the royal prerogative can be exercised to repeal vested statutory rights.  As is well known, the Court found in the negative.  In the Court’s view, therefore, notice of the UK’s intention to withdraw from the European Union requires parliamentary consent.

But the judgment turns on a question of EU law, namely whether revocation of notice of intention to withdraw from the EU is possible.  Here too the Court found in the negative.  Both the claimants and government were of the view that once notice is given under Article 50 TEU, that notice is irrevocable.  In other words, once the UK notifies the European Council that it wishes to withdraw, the UK cannot change its mind and…

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Brexit and higher education in Scotland


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What are the implications for higher education in Scotland following the recent vote to leave the European Union?

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), which provides impartial briefing papers to aid MSPs in their parliamentary work, has produced a very useful briefing paper reviewing this.  Why not take a look?

Brexit reading list: legal and constitutional issues

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The House of Commons Library has published an impartial list of publications on the legal and constitutional issues surrounding the UK withdrawal from the European Union including:

  • Triggering of Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU)
  • Role of the UK Parliament
  • Possibility of a second referendum on a withdrawal agreement
  • How the UK Government and Parliament deal with EU legislation
  • Impact of Brexit on the rest of the EU
  • UK’s future relations with the EU
  • Issues for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This publication will be updated periodically.

The Libraries of the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) produce research briefings on a wide range of current issues. They are intended to aid the work of members of both Houses of Parliament by providing good quality impartial background material on current issues. This makes them extremely useful to anyone starting to research a current topic. They can be searched by date or topic here.

EU Referendum Result: Initial Reaction from the University

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The result of the EU Referendum has generated a great deal of uncertainty as to what the implications will be for university students and staff across the country. The University of Aberdeen’s Principal, Ian Diamond, has written a message in an attempt to address some of the initial concerns you may have. In addition to this, a brief list of updates from government and official bodies concerned with EU research funding has been compiled. Please find links below for your information.

EU Referendum – message from the Principal

Information for researchers involved with EU funded projects


EU Discussion Event Part of May Festival 2016

MAY_FESTIVAL_LOGO__DATEOn Saturday 28th May, as part of this year’s May Festival, there will be a discussion event on the EU Referendum, titled Britain and the EU: In, Out or Unsure? It takes place in the King’s Conference Centre at 2pm. The speakers will be Professor Michael Keating, Dr Malcolm Harvey and Professor Claire Wallace all from the University of Aberdeen and Professor Justin Greenwood from Robert Gordon University.

Here’s what to expect:

Whether you have decided one way or the other, or are just looking for more information, this event will offer impartial analysis of the key issues and the potential impact on economy, jobs, immigration and national security. We’ll also explore issues around national sovereignty and the impact on the North-East of Scotland and what either outcome might mean for our future.*

*From the May Festival programme.

So If you missed the similar UK in a Changing Europe discussion in March, fear not, you can catch up next month. For more details and to book your place, click here.

View the full May Festival 2016 programme here.

EU Referendum panel discussion event in SDRL *UPDATE* venue change


*Please note – due to a high level of interest, this event will now take place in the King’s College Conference Centre.*

On the 22nd March there will be an EU referendum panel discussion event in the Sir Duncan Rice Library Kings Conference Centre entitled ‘The UK and Europe. EU in or out’. The chair is Professor Margaret Ross, the University’s vice principal, and the panelists are:

For more information and to book your free place, click here.

This is part of a series of events entitled ‘The UK in a Changing Europe’ that are happening all over the country. Read more about the series here.

Cardiff EDC has produced a very comprehensive ‘Brexit Information Guide’, which collects a wide variety of sources and opinions on the debate. Updated regularly, here’s the latest version.