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Eurobarometer: EU Public Opinion Surveys

Do you need surveys of public opinion for your research?  Have you heard of Eurobarometer?  It is a series of surveys done across Europe for the European Commission covering attitudes towards the EU, social conditions, health, the economy, citizenship, the environment, IT, security and more. The surveys have been conducted since 1973.

The Standard Eurobarometer is designed to compare and gauge trends over time by keeping the bulk of the survey the same. These surveys are undertaken twice a year.

Special Eurobarometer surveys investigate attitudes to a wide range of topics.  Recent survey have been on attitudes to sport and physical activity and Europeans, Agriculture and the CAP

Flash Eurobarometer surveys are ad-hoc telephone interviews conducted at the request of any part of the European Commission. These produce results fairly quickly and focus on specific groups.  Recent surveys have included fake news and disinformation online and SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets.

European Statistics Day

©European Union

As today is European Statistics Day why not have a look at a new digital and interactive publication produced by Eurostat called ‘The life of women and men in Europe – a statistical portrait’  which includes an interactive quiz.

The publication is divided into 3 parts. Here are some findings from each part:


“Living, growing, ageing: In all member states, women leave their parental home earlier than men. In the UK, women leave their parental home at the age of 23 on average while men leave at 25 (2 years earlier for both compared with the EU average).

Learning, working, earning: On average, women earn 16% less than men in all member states. However this gender pay gap varies. The largest differences are observed in Estonia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and the UK, all above 20%.

Eating, shopping, surfing, socialising: A larger share of men than women in the EU drink alcohol on a weekly basis. For the different member states this share varies from 21% in Latvia to 52% in the UK for men, and from 5% in Romania and Lithuania to 40% in the UK for women”.

The EDC in Taylor Library receives publications in hard copy from Eurostat.  Two recent acquisitions are: Monitoring social inclusion in Europe and Smarter, greener,  more inclusive?

In addition the University of Aberdeen is recognised as a ‘research entity’ by Eurostat. This allows researchers at the University of Aberdeen to request access to microdata , the units of data that aggregate statistics are compiled from, by submitting research proposals to Eurostat.

Aberdeen University participating in European Commission funded Full4Health project

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The University of Aberdeen’s Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health is one of 15 partners conducting research for the European Commission funded Full4Health project. This is a project with the aim of:

“Understanding food-gut-brain mechanisms across the lifespan in the regulation of hunger and satiety for health”

Have a look here for more information.

The Rowett is currently looking for volunteers to participate in the project, so if you are interested, aged between 65 and 75 and have a BMI of 25 or less, then do get in touch with the study team.

Results and progress updates for all European Commission funded research projects are made available through CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service). The latest periodic report summary for the project is here. CORDIS produce the research*eu focus and results magazines which are available on paper in the EDC or online.

Researchers from Full4Health appeared on a BBC Horizon Special entitled ‘What’s the Right Diet for You?’ Unfortunately it’s no longer available on the iPlayer, however if you are a University of Aberdeen student or staff member, you can watch all three parts via the ‘Box of Broadcasts‘ service (just search for the full title once you’re logged in). For more information about BoB National, click here.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

This free card is allows EU citizens to access state-provided healthcare while on holiday in the EU countries plus Iceland Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. That’s Social Europe‘s promotional video for it above.

A leaflet about this is available electronically from the EU Bookshop or can be picked up from the EDC office.

UK citizens can apply for the card for free by going here.

Beware of commercial sites that charge for providing the card.

An app containing lots of useful information on how to use the card and what it covers is available from the App Store (for iPhone owners), Google Play (for Android users) and the Windows Marketplace (for those with phones running Windows)